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With thousands of local businesses and companies competing for the top position in Google, work with the only SEO agency in Ireland to use the Google Algorithm. Let our top SEO consultants and EA accredited engineers work with you and your local business to ensure that you are able to reach as many of these potential customers as you can with the help of Local SEO!

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How Can A local SEO Agency Work For You 

Most of the businesses struggle to get enough leads. They might be very good at what they do yet it’s not good enough if they can’t find customers to attract in the first place and then look after.

The right Ireland local SEO agency will be able to fulfill this to bring more customers to your business.

This is where a good local SEO agency near you can play a vital role in filling the need to find the right customer for your business.

Now if a business were to pay for Google Adwords to get to the top of the listings it doesn’t mean you own that top spot in paid advertising in Google.

Rank #1 with Local SEO Service Provider in Dublin

Need a lot of qualified traffic for you local business website without having to pay anything?

Providing Local SEO Services in Multiple Cities of Ireland

Do you or a colleague in another hub need SEO services? Turn to Dublin SEO. We serve major Irish cities, including Galway, Dublin, Cork, Belfast & Limerick. Our SEO team also helps companies in up-and-coming hubs across the country. Explore our services today.

Local SEO Services in Dublin

Search Engine Optimisation is a process that determines the order of results generated from a user query in a search engine such as Google. Dublin SEO plays by the rules of the algorithms in order to increase the visibility of your website in order to boost rankings. Prime, organic results of a great SEO campaign means using search engines to optimize the number of organic visitors to your website. Local SEO is a specialization that specifically targets customers in your area. It not only customizes your business presence on the web, but your business presence in Ireland.

The experts at Dublin SEO are able to customize and create an SEO campaign that gives your business the digital upper hand. In the past, we have been able to give such results as raising a website’s monthly visits from 0 to nearly 30,000 in just 7 months. Many agencies want you to think that you will achieve great results from their services, whereas Dublin SEO has a proven and extensive track record of doing just that. We are passionate about your success and we have enough evidence to erase all your doubts.

Our professionals will be able to create a campaign that works for you – result driven and efficient in accordance to your needs. A completely customized experience will drive positive results. Such results do not come simply from a bit of research and an idea. When you take the time to create a campaign that is specifically designed to help your business, these results and more can be yours.

Why Local SEO?

More than 80% of visitors click on only organic search results and Google maps (Search Engine Watch) when they are looking for a local service or a product. This is because Local SEO results are specific to their location and they contain reviews that in return attract more prospects.

More than 40% of online searches now specify a location (according to Search Engine Land). In short, almost half of the search requests done in Google include the name of a town, city, county or postcode. This represents a massive opportunity for you to generate new enquiries in your chosen service area.

Google Places & Local pages help smaller, local businesses to compete with larger multi-national brands and paid directories in their own home towns. It’s a common-sense way to service customers who are located closest to your shop or offices.

Google Places / Plus Local pages dramatically improve your company’s visibility on mobile phones and tablets. If you are struggling to have your website ranked in the organic (free) section, Google Places/Plus Local is an opportunity to win valuable real estate, amongst fewer visible competitors, on a mobile screen.

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